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What is the ruling of the Covid vaccine?


Historically, vaccines have been developed for various diseases such as polio, small pox, etc. 

In principle, taking a vaccine as a preventative and protective measure against an illness is permissible and does not contradict the concept of having trust in Allah SWT (Tawakkul). 

As far as possible one should endeavour to ensure that the vaccine one uses, does not contain any impure or impermissible content. However, where there may not be any suitable Halaal alternative available, senior, reliable and competent Ulama have permitted utilising medication that may contain impermissible ingredients. Accordingly, utilising such a vaccine cannot be deemed to be prohibited.

In the light of the current pandemic, due to the severity of the virus and the number of people dying and the advancement of medical sciences the vaccine was developed quickly.  

There is no doubt that vaccines may have certain negative consequences and may react negatively in certain individuals. Similarly, the effectiveness of the vaccine remains to be seen. However, this in itself cannot deem their use as impermissible for all people. In matters such as these, if reliable, competent medical practitioners advise the use of such vaccines, and there is reasonable expectation of benefit, then using the same is permissible.  

Utilising the vaccine is a choice and preference and should neither be forced upon anyone, nor should anyone who prefers not to avail of it be reprimanded nor looked down upon. One who prefers taking it for medical reasons is permitted do so, whilst one who prefers not to, may refrain. 

Thus, if one wishes to take the vaccine it is permissible to do so. However, trust should always be placed in Allah, and whatever Allah decrees will ultimately prevail.