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What is the ruling of the Covid vaccine?

Historically, vaccines have been developed for various diseases such as polio, small pox, etc.  In principle, taking a vaccine as a preventative and protective measure against an illness is permissible and does not contradict the concept of having trust in Allah SWT (Tawakkul). 

What Happens If Upon One’s Passing There Are No Muslim heirs Alive at that Time?

“In the event of there being no Muslim heirs alive the Estate will first be channelled to someone who the deceased bequeathed all his/her wealth to (Mūsā Lahū bi Jamī’ al-Māl). If no one has been appointed as such then reference would normally be made to the Bayt al-Māl (Islamic Treasury).

Why Does Tazkiya Use a WAQF?

There are two ways of creating a Takaful Fund, viz. i. By creating a Waqf fund ii. By creating a mutual fund Tazkiya has created a Waqf. The main reason for creating the Waqf is that the Waqf is regarded as a separate legal entity unanimously in Islamic law. Accordingly, the Waqf in its separate legal capacity may own, contract, pay out claims etc.

How is the Takaful Fund Structured?

1. A Waqf (Islamic Endowment) is established. 2. A waqf is recognized as a separate legal entity in Islamic law. 3. A Trust, which is also recognized as a separate legal entity in South African law, has been registered so that this Waqf is a considered a separate legal entity in SA law as well. 4. The Trust has expert Shari’ah scholars who serve as its trustees. 5. The objective of the Waqf is to compensate Members of the Waqf for defined perils they may suffer based on the principles of mutual cross subsidization. 6. The Waqf undertakes all of its activities in accordance with Internationally recognized Shari’ah Standards which are overseen by locally based Shari’ah Scholars. 7. Capital Legacy has been appointed by the Trustees to serve as the Takaful Operator.

Why is life insurance Harām but Tazkiya is compliant?

Conventional life insurance and other conventional insurance is prohibited due to it being a contract of exchange with the prevalence of the following elements:  Ribā (interest) Maysir or Qimār (gambling) Gharar (uncertainty)